Strengthening Glaciers and Ice Shelves With Lasers, Microwaves, and H20-Chemical Solutions

As the coordinator for a think tank I’ve heard some of the craziest ideas in the world, indeed, I’ve even come up with a few myself, for instance, I have been wondering if it is possible to Strengthening Glaciers and Ice Shelves with Lasers, using a combination of microwaves and other frequency manipulation tricks. Let me explain how this might work, and why we need it.

First of all, we are very concerned that some of our glaciers and ice shelves are breaking away at a very rapid rate, and we are concerned what that might be due to the climate. Now then, I am not necessarily for geo-engineering, but I think it is relevant to SSD chemical solution for sale at least consider some rather far out geo-engineering feats and thus, it is wise to discuss them. We all know that water can turn into snowflakes, and we also know it depends on the energy in the air, the temperature, and various other things as to just how the snowflakes form.

In fact, it is possible by varying certain components to come up with the same snowflake design again and again if the conditions are exactly the same. Water is a molecule, and molecules have ionic bonding, and if we can modify that, and strengthen it, thus, we should be able to strengthen large areas such as ice shelves. In other words, what we might do is to drill holes, fill them in with water, and freeze them along with perhaps a chemical solution at an exact temperature, during a specific time period, at a certain frequency.

This would be very similar to putting rebar in concrete, and so perhaps you are beginning to understand the method to my madness. Again, why would you wish to do such a thing? Perhaps you can ask the environmentalists, and the global warming alarmists, as I am not one, but I am intrigued by the challenge of coming up with ways to prevent their doom-and-gloom scenarios even if I don’t believe in them. In other words, this is an exercise in original thinking, problem-solving, and geoengineering and that is something we haven’t done a lot of as a species.

Now then, as a nonreligious person, I don’t see why we wouldn’t experiment playing around with mother nature, and learn as much as we could in the process, as long as we don’t get carried away for the wrong reasons. You never know, someday something like this may come in very handy, and will be glad that we have the technology, expertise, and background to pull it off. All I ask is that you please consider all this, and think of it as the craziest idea you’ve heard all week.